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Sr. D. Cristòfol Vidal Vidal

Councillor of Education and Culture

As councillor of Education and Culture of the Santanyí Town Hall, I would like to use this website to extend a warm welcome to everyone interested in furthering their knowledge of the local culture. As members of the Town Council, these new ways of communicating bring us closer to our fellow “santinyers” who maybe miss the warmth of a face-to-face exchange but on the other hand benefit from a faster service and find it easier to get to know us and share thoughts and concerns about Santanyí, our town.

I can not begin to express the great satisfaction I feel for having the opportunity to lead the Department and the deepest gratitude towards my collaborator and friend Damià Rigo, who was responsible for the project.



I would like to congratulate everyone who has contributed to the development of the task that we have been entrusted. I am sure that we can all look forward to sharing the feelings evoked by the landscape of our town, the green crystal-clear waters of our coves, the organ of the Church of sant Andreu, es Pontàs and the tower of en Beu… our love for culture, the pride of our beloved town.