The Justice of the Peace in Santanyí is located in carrer Centre núm. 28-1r, on the first floor of the Culture Centre building. Tel. number: 971 16 31 26. It is open to the public from Monday to Friday,9am - 2pm


The court’s competence in civil matters can be divided into two different procedures: conciliation acts and verbal trials involving small amounts.


The court’s competence in criminal matters is basically restricted to knowledge of a single procedure: the misdemeanor trial. Legislation allows this kind of trials to be judged by the Justice of the Peace depending on the nature of the punishable deeds.


Likewise, any citizen can lodge any kind of lawsuit in the Justice of the Peace court. It will be submitted to the court of first instance of Manacor for its processing.


However, most of the work done in the two aforementioned fields centres around pursuing the applications of judiciary cooperation submitted by other judiciary institutions.


The Justice of the Peace of Santanyí also assumes the role of registry office as a delegation of the Manacor registry office. The municipality belongs to the judiciary district of Manacor. It performs several tasks such as the registry of births, marriages and deaths and the issuing of documents, including issuing family register booklets.


Another competence in this same field is the processing of files. The most important procedure is civil marriage. Marriages are held in a hall dedicated to this purpose.




Ministeri de Justicia